The futures of Sri Lankan children are at risk

With Sri Lankan families struggling to choose between nutrition and education, more and more children are dropping out of the school system.

Priyangi, mother of two

"We find it immensely difficult to keep our daughter in school. She's been forced to use just one book and pencil for all her subjects."

Sugath Bandara, school principal

“These difficult times are forcing children to give up on their education so as to afford meals. Light a Future providing these kids with learning tools is vital.”

Sujatha Galappaththi, mother

“Our dream is to educate our daughter to give her a better life than us, but it seems impossible since we can’t even afford basic school supplies.”

Saroja Nilmini, primary school teacher

“It is distressing to see children in my class take turns writing notes because they are forced to share one pencil.”

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Light a Future


Light a Future began with a dream of helping children stay in school during Sri Lanka’s largest humanitarian crisis. Our current goal is to aid 100,000 vulnerable children continue their education, uninterrupted, by supplying them with the essential learning tools they need.

An initiative founded by the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement, Sri Lanka’s longest standing charitable organization and Atlas, a leading company focused on changing the learning landscape of Sri Lanka.

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Our goal is to light up the futures of 100,000 vulnerable children in Sri Lanka by upholding their right to an education. Track our progress here.


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Featured Story

A Mother’s Pain

“As a mother I’m heartbroken that we are struggling to keep our daughter in school. She studies five subjects and has resorted to using one book and a pencil for them all. I don’t want to deprive them of what they deserve.”

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Joint Partners

The Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1958 that seeks to build a no-poverty, no-affluence society in Sri Lanka through community-based efforts.

Atlas is a brand with the purpose of “Making Learning Fun” at heart, aiming to change the learning landscape of Sri Lanka by directly supporting school going children.

They have partnered on Light a Future to make a greater impact at an especially crucial time.