28 Feb, 2023

‘Light a Future’, lights up the hopes and dreams of children in Balangoda

Amidst the economic crisis, parents are deeply motivated to secure a bright and promising future for their children, as they know that education is the only way to make children’s dreams come true. 


Chandima’s life as a parent is no exception. 


“As a mother of two, I wake up with a heavy heart every morning, burdened with the responsibility of providing for my family. We work tirelessly in our paddy fields, but the income is never steady.   

We do everything in our power to educate our children, enrolling them in multiple tuitions alongside school. We don't want them to suffer the same struggles that we do. Sometimes we sacrifice our own needs, reducing our meals and cutting back wherever we can so that we can afford to pay for their education. It's a constant battle to afford the books and supplies they need, especially with two children. I cannot help but worry about our future. What will happen if we can't afford to pay for their education anymore? But I push these thoughts away, focusing on the present and working hard to give my children the best possible future.” 


This is the everyday struggle of most parents in Sri Lanka. In this dire situation, the ‘Light a Future’ timely initiative has become a beacon of hope for parents. Light a Future is an initiative by Sarvodaya supported by Atlas, on a mission to help 100,000 kids to stay in school and brighten their future with learning opportunities. 


In our journey of brightening futures, the next destination was the archaic city of Balangoda. We were able to bring hope to 560 children in  Gawaranhena Vidyala, Hopewell Vidyala and Godakumbura Imbulamura Vidyalaya. We saw how their faces glowed with joy after receiving the gifts. “Hey, this is so heavy”, one kid whispered to the other.   


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