06 Jan, 2023

‘Light a Future’, lights up the hopes and dreams of children in Matara

Amid the economic crisis, parents are highly motivated to secure a bright and promising future for their children, knowing that education is the key to unlocking their dreams and hopes. Children are also motivated to learn and grow since that is the only way to brighten their future.   

Sriyani’s life as a parent is no exception.  

“In this economic struggle, I fight tooth and nail to ensure our children get the education they deserve. It's the only way we can help them achieve their dreams and secure a better future for themselves. We sacrifice so much just to make ends meet, often skipping meals so that we can save up enough money to buy books and other tools that our children need for school. It's not easy, but we do it because we know how important education is”.  

This is the everyday struggle of most parents in Sri Lanka. In this dire situation, the ‘Light a Future’ timely initiative has become a beacon of hope for parents. Light a Future is an initiative by Sarvodaya supported by Atlas on a mission to help 100,000 children to stay in school.  

In our journey of brightening futures, we had the privilege of bringing hope and joy to the children in Matara. We provided essential learning tools to 278 children in Ruwanwella Kanishta Vidyalaya and Kekunadora Vijayaba Vidyalaya. Their smiles made us deeply motivated to continue our mission.  

You can be a part of Light a Future’s mission. Your donation can help change lives and positively impact the future. Donate now and pledge your support. 

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